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I only have a picture from my old blog. It’s basically a game engine written on top of the XNA Framework with an editor. It was in 2009.



3DPingPong XBOX360

Game Name: 3D PingPong

Genre: classic PingPong

Programming Language: C#/XNA

Game Language:english

Release: 26th April, 2009

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: A classic PingPong version, but in 3D and for 2 Players for the XBOX360. This was my first console game and I learned a lot about the developing for consoles with the presentation on a common TV.

Controlling: Player1(left) can move his board with the first Controller and the Left Thumb Stick, Player2(right) can move his board with the second Controller and the Left Thumb Stick. A new round can be started, when Player1 press the A-Button. Next to that can Player1 press the Right Trigger to move the camera with the Left Thumb Stick and change the view with the Right Thumb Stick.

3DPingPong_XBOX360_1 3DPingPong_XBOX360_2 3DPingPong_XBOX360_3

3ds Max Exporter

Tool Name: 3ds Max Exporter

Programming Language: C++

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: I’ve writte the 3ds Max Exporter for my CybyEngine DX10. The main idea was a easy solution of exporting geometry and material stuff in an easy way.

  • from every mesh of the scene will be the geometry and material exported
  • exported Geometry: Position, Texture-Coordinates, Normal and Tangent
  • exporter Materials: Diffuse-, Specular-, and Normalmap

Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots, but I also made a small GUI right in 3ds Max to select exactly the stuff that you want to be exported

CybyEngine DX10

SDK Name: CybyEngine DX10

Programming Language: C++

Release: none

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: CybyEngine DX10 is a small 3D GameEngine with a DX10 Renderer. The goal was to learn how a 3D game engine works and shader display all the cool stuff in the modern games. The engine had about 10k lines code and got the following futures:

  • GameApp (can be inherit and represent the entry point of the engine)
  • DX10Renderer (the core of the engine and main purpose is the effective rendering of all stuff)
  • SceneGraph (simple scene graph, where you can plug-in entities like meshes, terrain, camera…)
  • PostProcessingManager (easy managment of post processing effects, currently supported ColorFilter, Monochrome and ColorInverse)
  • CameraManager (managment of programmed and pre-defined cameras that can be pluged into the scene)
  • LightManager (managment of all lights)
  • EffectManager (managment of all effect, like Mesh and Terrain Shader)
  • TextureManage (easy loading and managment of textures)
  • MaterialManager (loading and managment of all materials like Diffuse-, Normal-, Specularmaps…)
  • MeshManager (loading and managment of all meshes, currently is only my own mesh-format supported – see project 3ds Max Exporter)
  • ObjectManager (creating and managment of on the fly created meshes like boxes and grid)
  • TerrainManager (easy loading and managment of terrains)
  • Font (easy rendering of fonts)
  • SpriteManager (easy rendering of sprite like for a GUI)
  • RenderWindow (creating of an render window)
  • DirectInput (easy mouse and keyboard controlling)
  • LogFile (logged informations and errors in files)
  • Timer (all about timing like FPS, Counter and profiling)

The engine was able to handle multiple lights. I implemented some common shaders like parallax occlusion mapping, parallax offset mapping,  terrain rendering with 4 detailed texture and alpha map layer …

2008_12_13_001 2008_12_13_002 2008_12_13_003 2008_12_13_004 2008_12_13_005 2008_12_13_006 2008_12_13_007 2008_12_13_008 2008_12_13_009 2008_12_13_010 2008_12_15_001 2008_12_24_001 2008_12_24_002 2009_01_03_001 2009_01_03_002 2009_01_03_003 2009_01_03_004 2009_01_03_005 02102008_01

2008_10_05_001 2008_10_05_00228092008_01 28092008_02


Tool Name: MapEditor

Programming Language: C++ DirectX9 / C# GUI

Release: 6th June 2009

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption:  A MapEditor for 2D RPG and other tile-based games.


– Layer-System (currently 1 to 10 available)

– managment of multiple tilesets

– multiple selection of tiles separately for left and right mouse button (as well drawing with left and right mouse button)

– Draw-Tools: Rubber, Fill All, Rect, Pencil

– easy to read map file format

– enable/disable of grid rendering for map panel and tile panel

– enable/disable modulate layer color (if you work on a layer, the other layer are dusky)

MapEditor0 NewMap MapEditor2 modulate_layer_color MultiSelection PencilRectTool


Game Name: Hot Drate (like in german Heißer Draht)

Genre: Action & Reflex Game

Programming Language: BlitzBasic

Game Language: german

Release: 11th January, 2004

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: Hot Drate or well-known as Hot Wire is a simple Action & Reflex Game. Your mission is to move the smily with the mouse through different levels. The game has 15 levels and the challenge is increased with each level.

Controlling: You can move the smily with the mouse.

HotDrate1 HotDrate2 HotDrate4 HotDrate3 HotDrate5 HotDrate6 HotDrate7


Game Name: FireON

Genre: Action Game

Programming Language: PureBasic

Game Language: german

Release: 2nd February, 2004

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: The basic idea of Fire ON was a simple PingPong with more action and skill-based gameplay. Both player can move their board up and down like in PingPong, but each of them has the ability to shoot balls. When a player hit the board of the other player, the player who shot the ball will get a point. When both have shot all their balls, the player with the most Points wins. To start a new game click on “Datei” and then on “Neues Spiel”.

Controlling: Player1 (at the left hand side) can moving his board down with the key S and up with W, he can shot a ball with the left ALT Key. Player2 (at the right hand side) can move his board down with the down-arrow key and up with the up-arrow key, he can shoot a ball with the right CTRL key.


Space Angelds

Game Name: Space Angels

Genre: 2D Space-Shooter

Programming Language: BlitzBasic

Game Language: german

Release: 12th February, 2004

Developer: Timm Lotter, Jonas Rebmann, Sebastian Günther

Desciption: Space Angels is a simple 2D Space-Shooter were you have the ability to increase the power of your space-ship through the game. There are 3 difference Space-Ships(speed of the ship), Weapons (speed of the shots) and Levels(difficulty of aliens and money you get) available. You earn money through killing aliens. You can buy with the money upgrades for you Space-Ship.

First of all you, must buy a Ship and an Attack. After that you can enter the level menu and acquire a Level. Then you can start the level to kill aliens and earn money.

Controlling: You can move your Space-Ship with the 4 arrow keys and shoot with the space-key.

SpaceAngels1 SpaceAngels2 SpaceAngels3 SpaceAngels4 SpaceAngels5 SpaceAngels6

Trash Master

Game Name: Trash Master

Genre: Simulation/Strategy

Programming Language: BlitzBasic

Release: 29th February, 2004

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: Trash Master is a simple top-down simulation/strategy game. The goal is to collect all garbage can and carry them to the garbage container. It sounds easy, but you have only a small truck so you can only pick up 5 garbage can at the same time. When I programmed this game, I wasn’t aware that the game runs faster on other computers, so the time per level is designed for a 233Mhz computer 😉 .

Controlling: You can move your truck with the 4 arrow keys.