Global Game Jam 2014

I ┬áparticipated at the Global Game Jam this year. It was in Karlsruhe at HfG Karlsruhe. I had a lot fun and met at lot of nice people. The theme this year was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” It was quite difficult in my view and we had a lot of ideas. 30 minutes of brainstorming ended with the floor full of post-it.

After pitching our ideas, I joined Moritz and Till to develop Will to Survive. The story and idea of the game:

You go through a terrible memory of the past. In order to win, carry your will to survive. A shining orb represents it. Beware of your father who just killed your mother. He will try to stab you.

Till made the design and animation of our main character and the vater. Moritz made art for the background and level design. I programmed the game in Unity and put very thing together. The character was controlled by the 2D physic engine that was added with Unity 4.3. The animations were blended with Mecanim.


The AI of the father was quite simple. He run with a predefined speed. In front of each obstacle was a trigger, that forced the father to jump with a predefined force and a maximum speed, while he was in the air. With this is place, we were able to trigger small, high and long jumps.

You can find the game and some more details at the Global Game Jam Site