3DPingPong XBOX360

Game Name: 3D PingPong

Genre: classic PingPong

Programming Language: C#/XNA

Game Language:english

Release: 26th April, 2009

Developer: Timm Lotter

Desciption: A classic PingPong version, but in 3D and for 2 Players for the XBOX360. This was my first console game and I learned a lot about the developing for consoles with the presentation on a common TV.

Controlling: Player1(left) can move his board with the first Controller and the Left Thumb Stick, Player2(right) can move his board with the second Controller and the Left Thumb Stick. A new round can be started, when Player1 press the A-Button. Next to that can Player1 press the Right Trigger to move the camera with the Left Thumb Stick and change the view with the Right Thumb Stick.

3DPingPong_XBOX360_1 3DPingPong_XBOX360_2 3DPingPong_XBOX360_3